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This article will review:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) for onboarding a new campaign to Partnerize




This guide will cover the most common FAQ's when onboarding with Partnerize


Tracking Implementation FAQ's

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Partnerize tracking implementation:

Can I track activity separately per regional site?

A - Yes. You have the ability to track individual regions per campaign.

Please refer to our guide here for more information on the advantages and considerations between a single campaigns vs multiple campaigns - Onboarding: Single vs Multiple Campaigns

What tracking solution should I use for implementing the Partnerize tracking?

A - Please refer to the following guide which covers the tracking solutions we offer and work with - Partnerize Tracking Solutions

Are we able to test the tracking solution on a test environment prior to a campaign going live?

A- Yes. Testing the tracking solution on your test environment is absolutely fine. We will provide guidance within the testing instructions on how the test link can be deeplinked to your test environment.

However, we do urge brands to test the tracking solution on the live environment prior to a campaign going live from a technical perspective.

Can we tracking mobile activity on our new/existing campaigns?

A- Yes. We work a number of MMP's (Mobile Measurement Partners) and also provide our very own SDK mobile tracking. 

Further information can be found here - Mobile App Tracking Solutions

What dynamic parameters can Partnerize append?

A- Partnerize can dynamically pass through the following parameters:

Dynamic parameter Description
__CAMREF__ Campaign Reference
__PUBREF__ Publisher Reference
__ADREF__ Advertiser Reference
__CLICKREF__ Click Reference
__PUBNAME__ Publisher Name
__CID__  Creative ID
__REFERRER__  Referring URL
__PUBMETHOD__  Publisher Promotional Method
__CAMPAIGNID__ Campaign ID
__PUBID__ Publisher ID
__COUNTRY__ Country of the Click
__OPERATING_COUNTRY__ Country the Publisher Operates In
__WEBSITE_TYPE__ The Publisher Website Type


Customer Onboarding FAQ's

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the non-technical elements of onboarding to Partnerize:


Can I add the assets myself ahead of launch?

Yes, we would advise, at minimum, that the following is reviewed/in-place before the campaign is technically live and partners are invited:

  • Campaign terms and conditions

  • Campaign default commission

  • Brand contact email

  • Force approval period

Once the campaign is live, you can then toggle discoverability in Settings > Brand.

Is there any advice on best practice for assets for a global programme?

  • Campaign description and T&Cs can be uploaded in multiple languages

    • Note that Partnerize do not translate these documents on behalf of the brand so the translated versions will need to be sourced by the brand

  • Commission rules can be set per country of sale

    • Note that this is dependent on country data passed in the tracking, so should be discussed with the Onboarding team before launch

  • Image creatives can be assigned tags so partners can easily sort through those available e.g. adding a tag per language of creative

  • Partner groups can be created if the advertiser would like to sort partners by region for efficient management of communications, commissions, creatives and reporting

Terms and Conditions

What are campaign terms and conditions?

When setting up a new campaign in Partnerize, you may wish to add terms and conditions to inform your partners of your brand guidelines and advise on best practice regarding promotion of your brand.

Are terms and conditions required for my campaign?

Technically no but they are recommended to protect your brand. It is advised to have campaign terms and conditions in Partnerize if you have brand specific rules you need your partners to adhere to.

All partners must agree to Partnerize’s own terms when they create their account. These terms include, but are not limited to, the use of our software and Partnerize acting as a payment provider for your partners. Partnerize partner terms are available here.

If I want to restrict certain types of partners from my campaign, where do I outline this?

This should be added in your terms and conditions listing the types of partners and promotional methods that are not allowed on your campaign. You will have the opportunity to review partners who apply to your campaign from within Partnerize and must approve partners before they have access to their tracking link and can begin promoting your brand.

Would our campaign terms and conditions be public facing or available online?

No, to view terms and conditions of a campaign, a partner must have a Partnerize account and view these within Partnerize. 

Can Partnerize list campaign terms and conditions in different languages?

Yes, you are able to add terms and conditions for your campaign in multiple languages however it is the responsibility of the advertiser to provide the translated text.

Can you provide an advertiser with default campaign terms and conditions that they may use for launching a new campaign?

Yes, we have these available and can provide during the Onboarding process where required.



What is a ‘default commission’?

During the Onboarding period, we will ask you to provide a default commission for your campaign. The default commission will apply to any sales where a more specific commission rule you have configured is not applicable. It is required that each campaign has a default commission in place, however you will also be able to add more specific rules based on filters such as partner, category, date etc in addition.

Can I set up commissions on my meta parameters/why can’t I see all my parameters available in the Commissions tab?

Custom/meta parameters must be exposed as commissionable by the Partnerize team before they are available in the Commissions tab. Please reach out to the Onboarding team to configure this ahead of launch.



What are the recommended sizes for image creatives (banners)?

Please see populate image content sizes below, split by user device type:

  • Standard: 300×250, 728×90, 300×600, 468×60, 160×600, 88x31 logo
  • Mobile: 300x50, 320x50, 120x20, 168x28, 46x36

How do I add image creatives (banners) with start and end dates?

You must always have a default, evergreen banner in place to then overlap for a time period with a different banner of the same size. This is to ensure that an evergreen creative is available when an overlap/promotional period ends.

What is a product feed and what are Partnerize’s requirements?

A product feed is a hosted URL or FTP file which consists of a list of products and their relevant information or promotions. This is most relevant to retail brands who wish to partner with shopping or comparison website partners.

Partners can in turn, integrate the feed into their site, ensuring products are in stock for their users.

Partnerize accepts feeds in the following file formats:

  • CSV, TSV or PSV
  • XML
  • TXT

We will work with your team during the Onboarding period to review any existing product feeds you have and confirm their compatibility with Partnerize.

Will Partnerize convert my feed into multiple formats based on the partners' needs?

No, the feed will be available to partners only in the format you have added into Partnerize, for example CSV. If your partners require different feed formats, please create these internally or request from you feed provider, so they can then be added into Partnerize ready for launch.

Can I have multiple feeds on one campaign?

Yes, Partnerize can support multiple feeds being linked to one campaign. Partners can then choose the feed relevant to them within their Partnerize dashboard. The majority of retail campaigns will only require one feed, which contains all of their products, however there may be times where multiple feeds are preferred by partners such as:

  • The campaign is global but there is different product availability per country
  • The campaign’s products are available to purchase in multiple currencies, so partners require a feed showing the currency related to their audience

Appearance and Logos

I have multiple brands on my Partnerize network, can I add multiple logos to the dashboard and sign up page?

You can only add one logo to the dashboard and sign up page. We would recommend adding a logo that represents one of the below:

  • Your parent company

  • Your agency (if the network is owned by an agency)

  • All your brands within 1 logo (i.e. requesting your internal team create an image which includes all the logos in one file)

What are the logo sizes I need for Partnerize?

  • Dashboard + sign up tunnel - no minimum or maximum size but we would recommend a rectangular dimension and a logo that is not a combination of white text and a transparent background (as this won’t be visible on the white sign up page)

  • Brand - 600x600 pixel maximum and must be square dimension

  • Campaign - 600x600 pixel maximum and must be square dimension


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