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Onboarding : Partnerize Onboarding Process


This article will review:

  • The stages in the onboarding process to onboard a brand onto the Partnerize platform
  • Roles and responsibilities for each onboarding stage
  • Access to additional onboarding documentation




When brands migrate to Partnerize, there are various stages to the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition.  Once requirements have been agreed, work on the integration can begin, which is covered by the Partnerize Integrations and Customer Onboarding teams.

More information on how tracking solutions and campaign structure is scoped see here: Onboarding : Solution Scoping.

Onboarding Steps

The stages of the onboarding process are covered below, including:

  • Description of the stage
  • Stage Owner
  • Any additional supporting documentation


Stage Description Stage Owner Supporting documentation

Campaign Creation

Create campaign(s) on Partnerize platform

Partnerize - Integration team


Tracking Solution Generation

Generate and provide tracking implementation instructions

Partnerize - Integration team N/A
Tracking Solution Implementation Implement Tracking Solution


Tracking Implementation Guides

Platform readiness

  • Upload campaign collateral
  • Set up commissions
  • Partner migration planning (if applicable)
Partnerize - Customer Onboarding team Onboarding : Platform Readiness

Tracking Solution Testing

Testing of implemented tracking solution and verifying results


Partnerize - Integration team

Tracking Solutions FAQs 

Final Review

Internal sign off:

  • Legal - contract received
  • Finance - fees set up
  • Integration - tracking / campaign settings checks
Partnerize - Integration team Final Onboarding Checks


Set campaign(s) live

Partnerize - Integration team N/A


Next Steps

Contact your Partnerize Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager to begin the onboarding process.


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