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Onboarding : Final Campaign Checks


This article will review:

  • The checks required prior to a campaign going live from a technical perspective
  • The campaign settings form and what is required
  • The final verifications checks actioned by Partnerize





When a brand has successfully implemented the Partnerize tracking solution and has been fully tested, Partnerize must ensure all campaign settings are accurate prior to the launch. This is to make sure all settings are in place correctly before partners are onboarding to promote live activity.


Campaign settings form

Before we begin any campaign checks, we will provide the brand with a campaign settings form which must be filled in.

This form requires completion so that all campaign settings are confirmed and verified prior to launch. All settings listed below have an impact on how transactions track, how commission is allocated or how the user redirection journey occurs. Each setting is explained in more detail below:


Campaign Setting Name Description
Campaign Name The campaign title which will be displayed in the platform, in reporting, and also to partners who apply to join the campaign
Append / Prepend URL If you are working with 3rd parties for Click Analytics or a Tag Manager solution, and require Partnerize to feed into these platforms, please advise what parameters / query strings / click trackers should be implemented (i.e. if using Google Analytics, what utm parameters should be implemented)
Cookie Period The time allowed (in seconds) between click and conversion. Conversions outside this time period will be automatically rejected. (Default setting is 30 days)
Force Approval Period Time after the conversion takes place that a conversion is approved automatically. This can be set in daily increments from 1-365 days or never. If this is not set, transaction validation will need to be handled via a separate process (Default setting is 0 days - i.e. no force approval)
Default Currency The default currency that will be used and provided to Partnerize for transactions at point of sale (NOTE : Multiple currencies can be tracked, this is just a default setting)
Conversions per click How many sales should track whilst the user has an active cookie set for the desired period? (Default setting is 'Unlimited', meaning that multiple conversions can be attributed to the same click within the cookie period)
Deeplinking enabled Defines whether partners are allowed to override the default destination URL of the campaign, and redirect traffic to a custom location. (Default setting is YES - To allow deeplinking to allow partners the flexibility create links to specific products or services)
Reporting timezone Set the local timezone of the campaign for reporting purposes
Default commission calculation The default commission rule that should be applied for each campaign. NOTE: This can be overruled by setting alternative commission rules (i.e. partner-specific rules, voucher code rules, etc.)
Destination URL The default landing page where users will be redirected to after clicking a partner link, if no specific URL is specified


Checks process

1st Integrator Checks

Once the campaign settings form has been submitted by the brand, the integration team can then review and configure the campaign(s) to make sure the settings match up to what is required. The 1st integrator will go through a granular check process to make sure the settings are accurate.


2nd Integrator Checks

When the initial checks are completed, a 2nd integrator will then review all of the setting to make sure everything is accurate prior to launch. Once everything is signed off, the 1st Integrator is then notified that the campaign is ready go live from a technical perspective.


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