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Onboarding : Partner Migration FAQs


This article will review:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) for migrations existing partners to Partnerize




This guide will cover the most common FAQ's when migration existing partners to Partnerize


Partner Migration FAQ's

Can you invite a partner we haven’t worked with before?

The Customer Onboarding team will assist with onboarding partners which your brand has a previous relationship with and therefore need to migrate their tracking on site to Partnerize links. Once the campaign is launched, you will have access to our Discover tools which will allow you to find and recruit new partners. Maximize customers can also work with their assigned Account Strategist to discuss partner recruitment.

Should I look to migrate partners who are not accepted to the program in my previous provider at this time (e.g. suspended, rejected, pending acceptance)?

We recommend focusing on the current partner list from your previous provider as this covers all your current active partners/revenue drivers.

Should we look to first migrate lower priority partners in order to test the tracking solution is working as expected?

All tracking testing will have been completed before the campaigns are set technically live. We recommend inviting all partners initially, and then focusing communications on the top revenue drivers from your previous program. Any issues that arise once migration has started can be queried with the Customer Onboarding Team.

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