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Onboarding : Partner Migration


This article will review:

  • Overview of the partner migration process
  • Partner migration best practice




As part of onboarding your new campaign(s) to Partnerize, you may also wish to move your existing partner relationships to track on Partnerize. This process is known as partner migration.


Partnerize offers tools and support to our customers during the onboarding process to assist with partner migration.


NOTE: If you do not have existing partners for your new campaign, you will be shown our Discover tools within your Partnerize training which you can use to find and recruit new partners.


Partner Migration Preparation

To begin planning the migration, the Customer Onboarding Team will provide you with a Partner List template. 


This template will be used to collect information about your partners on your previous network provider. We ask that you provide this information in as much detail as possible as we will use this to find partners that are already on Partnerize as well as work to invite any partners not already on Partnerize during the migration. 


Migration Specific Details

Partner Details

  • Your approved/joined partner list with contact details, per existing program
    • Required partner details: email address, company name, partner name, website URL, launch commission, previous provider partner ID
      • We would recommend that you vet this list to remove any inactive or not on-brand partners that you do not wish to migrate
      • This will assist in our team to focus on migrating and supporting your key revenue drivers
  • Partner performance reports for the 12 months across all existing programs, making a note of the time period and currency of the data
    • Required data: Partner name, click count, Conversion/order count, total revenue/order value driven, commission earned

Current Provider Details

  • Current provider name
    • This assists with matching your provided partner data to existing Partnerize partners
  • Program closure date (the date the tracking links from the current provider will expire/no longer track new clicks)
  • The date that Partnerize can contact your partners from
    • We will require that your partners are made aware of the change in provider by the brand before Partnerize make contact
    • It is recommended that you review your current provider contract to ensure you are aware of any exclusivity agreements that may affect the partner migration

Platform Readiness

You should look to prepare the below assets, as they will be requested by Partnerize during the onboarding process via a template and will be required by your partners from launch. Many of the below may be available to export within your current network, however we would ask that you review these ahead of submitting to Partnerize to ensure they correctly reflect your new campaign:


Campaign Details

  • Commission structure
    • Program default/baseline CPA
    • Default rates per product, partner or partner group
    • Upcoming rates and promotions
    • Agreed future tenancies
    • CPC, voucher and attribution related rules
  • Creative assets
    • Image (banners)
      • Image files
      • Destination URL per banner
    • Text links
      • Text to display
      • Destination URL per link
    • Product feeds
      • Direct URL to feed or FTP details for accessing feed
    • HTML banners or widgets
      • HTML code and hosted elements
  • Program terms and conditions
    • Terms between your brand and the partner for their participation in your program
  • Program description
    • Description of your program and brand will can be reviewed by your partners when they request to join in Partnerize

For more information on assets and configurations and the support Partnerize offers in preparing the non-technical elements of your new campaign, please see the following article: Onboarding : Platform Readiness.


Partner Migration Process

Below is the process specific to Partner Migration. For more information on the Onboarding process as a whole, including tracking implementation and platform readiness, please see the following article: Partnerize Onboarding Process.


Stage Tasks
1. Migration planning
  • Partner list request template provided by Partnerize to customer
  • Customer populates templates with required information
  • Partnerize team review list against Partnerize database to determine which of the brand's existing partners have Partnerize accounts (vs which will need to create accounts as part of the migration)
  • Partnerize will provide an Onboarding Tracker to the customer to monitor the progress of the migration
2. Campaign launch*
  • Campaign is ready for partners to join following completion of tracking implementation, testing and checks (More information: Partnerize Onboarding Process)
  • Partnerize invite the brand's partners from the current provider which were matched to an existing Partnerize account, to the new campaign 
    • Partners by default are sent a notification email when a new invite is sent
  • New campaign can be made discoverable to Partnerize partners at the request of the advertiser
3. Partner communication
  • Up to 3 rounds of partner communication emails sent by Partnerize, with content related to the partner's current status and next steps for the migration 
    • Emails focus on partners final goal of updating all current provider tracking links to those now provided by Partnerize
  • Partnerize provide platform support to partners 
  • Partnerize follow up directly with the brand's top revenue drivers
4. Progress updates
  • Regular updates provided to the customer, with visibility of progress available within the Onboarding Tracker**

*Campaign launch timeline is dependent on customer’s resource

**Migration actions are dependent on the partner (i.e. accepting invite and updating tracking links on site)



If you have any questions with regards to this document, please contact your Sales or Customer Success representative.

For FAQs, please see the following article: Onboarding : Partner Migration FAQs

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