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Onboarding : Platform Readiness


This article will review:

  • An overview for platform readiness
  • Details on each stage of the process




While your new campaign is undergoing technical integration and testing, we would advise that you ensure the campaign is ready to onboard partners once our Integrations team set your campaign live. Assets and configurations you may wish to add and review prior to launch are as follows.


Campaign Settings

Below are the campaign setting requirements prior to a campaign going live.

Campaign description

A description of the campaign

Campaign terms and conditions

T&Cs between your brand and the partner for their participation on the campaign

Campaign logo

A logo specific to your campaign (if left blank, the logo in Brand Settings will override)

More information available here: Campaign Settings


Campaign Commissions

Below are the campaign commission requirements prior to a campaign going live.

Default commission (Required)

Each campaign should have a populated default commission. This is a commission rule which our system will fall back to if no other rules are applicable.

Product and/or partner specific commissions

Additional commission rules can be added pre or post-launch in the Commissions tab. 

More information available here: Commissions 


Campaign content

Image, HTML and text creatives

Marketing assets added to your campaign(s) to help partners promote your brand.

More information available here: Content Brand  

Product feeds

File containing all products offered by the brand, with relevant product information and promotions for partners to integrate on their site.

More information available here: Feeds


Validation and payment settings

Campaign invoicing address

Only required to be entered if the address you want to appear on this campaign’s invoices differs to the address in Brand Settings. Please contact if you need Partnerize to add a campaign specific invoice address.

Force approval (Recommended to review)

Time after the conversion takes place that a conversion is approved automatically. This can be set in daily increments from 1-365 days or set to never if you wish to manage all validations.

Transaction queries

Disputed sales which can be raised by partners from within Partnerize directly for the advertiser to review. If this tool is enabled for all or specific partners, an auto-approval period must be specified.

Validation/modification period (Recommended to review)

If you expect your validation and/or sale modification period to be over 90 days, please contact


Brand settings

TIP If your new campaign is being added to an existing brand, then these settings may already be configured.

Brand description (Required)

A description of your brand

Brand logo (Required)

A logo which represents your brand

Display name

The name of your brand


The address for your brand which should be used on your invoices and is visible to partners

Contact email (Required)

An email address for your brand which is visible to partners

 These can be updated by selecting Brand Settings from the left admin menu. More information is available here: 

More information available here: Brand Settings


Post launch actions

Discovery settings (Recommended to view)

By default, your campaign will not be visible to partners outside of your current campaigns.  Opting in your campaign or entire brand to Brand Discovery will allow partners, outside of your current campaigns, to request to join. 

More information available here: Discovery Settings 

Partner Onboarding

You should only invite partners to your new campaign once it has been set live by our Integrations team. If you have any questions regarding the status of your new campaign integration, please contact your Customer Success manager or

Once your campaign is live, you can use our Manage Partners tools to invite and recruit partners:

Requests & invites

If you have opted in your campaign to be discoverable within Discovery Settings, you can view partners who have requested to join your campaign in Requests & invites.

More information available here: Manage Partners 

Partner Discovery and Prospects

You can use our in-platform tools to invite partners to your new campaign. Partner Discovery gives you access to partners across our Partnerize ecosystem, whereas Prospects showcases external partners.

More information available here: Partner Discovery 

More information available here: Prospects 

Recruit by Email

If you have curated a list of partners you would like to invite to your Partnerize campaign, you can upload the list of email addresses to our Recruit By Email tool and send a communication with an enhanced sign up link from within Partnerize.

More information available here: Recruit by Email 


In order for sales to become available to invoice, advertisers must first validate their conversions. This can be actioned within the Partnerize platform or via our API. 

Validating sales also notifies partners which sales they should expect to be paid for and which have been rejected, for instance order was cancelled.

More information available here: Validate Commissions 

More information available here: Automated Validations via Partnerize API 


Approved and previously un-invoiced sales will be available to add to a new invoice in the Payments tab. Invoices are raised per campaign and partners will receive commission once Partnerize receives payment from the brand.

More information available here: Payments Brand



If you have any questions with regards to this document, please contact our specialists at 

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