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This article will outline :

  • How to troubleshoot issues with data tracked within Partnerize (Pz) 
  • Roles and responsibilities for each part of the process 





Sometimes data values tracked in Partnerize may differ to what the brand expects. One of the most common reasons is information may not be populated correctly during checkout.  This guide outlines how to debug to identify and fix root cause. 


Example issues 

  1. Why does sale X have negative transaction amount in Partnerize? 
  2. Why is my "category" value blank or "undefined" 


Troubleshooting Steps

Stage Description Owner
1. Internal Checks

1.1 Review what is tracked in Partnerize compared to what it should be in Brand's system


1.2 What is the issue? (E.g is the amount incorrect /is the product category wrong / is certain data missing )

1.3 Ask your development team to review how values are populated within Partnerize tracking tag (just in case the wrong variable was used )

1.4 Is the brand's technical team aware of any code changes / issues that could impact how data is populated

2. Submit request 


To help Partnerize troubleshoot and resolve as efficiently as possible please contact  and supply as much detail as possible : 


  • What is the Campaign Name OR campaign ID for sale(s) impacted?
  • What are the order ID(s) impacted ?
  • What is incorrect (E.g wrong value / incorrect category) 
  • Where do you see the incorrect value within Partnerize ( If possible provide screenshot of which portions in console



3.1 Review what was sent originally in the tracking 


3.2 Check any settings / manipulation that happens post sale tracking (depending on brand set up)

3.3 Feedback actions to be taken 

4. Amend / Monitor

4.1 If after investigation there are changes required to resolve how data is populated, brand or Partnerize apply the changes (depending on root cause) 

Brand / Partnerize

4.2 Monitor live activity to make sure data is correct going forward

5. Correct affected sales

5.1 For existing sales tracked incorrectly depending on what the data issue is ,  Partnerize will review if it can be modified. 


5.2 Partnerize will review and try to backdate / modify the incorrect values



Common Root Causes 

From our experiences incorrect data issues are typically caused by : 

  • Brand sent malformed data at checkout 
  • Partnerize applied post processing manipulation (depending on set up) due to : 
    • Applying a currency conversion 
    • Applying a backdate 
    • Brand adjusting sales via a custom process (E.g batch file to adjust values) 




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