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Tracking Outages


This article will review:

  • How to troubleshoot a full or partial tracking outage
  • The steps to take to help identify the issue
  • The information to provide to Partnerize




This guide will outline the steps required to identify why a sale might not be tracking or sales have reduced from an expected level in the Partnerize platform.

Investigation Steps

Stage Description Stage Owner
Brand checks Brand to check if there have been any recent changes to their website that may have impacted Partnerize conversion tracking Brand
Provide information to Partnerize Provide the additional requested information to Partnerize to help troubleshoot the issue Brand
Investigation Partnerize will investigate the tracking issue using the information provided Partnerize
Resolve issue

If Partnerize are able to establish what is causing the tracking issue, steps to resolve the issue will provided to the brand.  

NOTE: The issue may be at the brand side, so this will be a collaborative effort to resolve the issue

Monitor Both the brand and Partnerize will monitor live tracking once and resolution has been actioned, to ensure that the issue is fully resolved Brand & Partnerize

Step 1 - Brand checks

One of the most common reasons tracking has stopped or tracking has reduced from an expected level is due to a change made to the actual pixel/server to server solution (depending on implementation type), or some other website changes.

Please Note

Any changes made to a pixel should be ran by Partnerize Integrations team to ensure any changes will not affect sales tracking.

Some steps to check before speaking to Partnerize in regards to a tracking issue are:

  • Have any recent changes been made to the brand website recently?
  • Has the brand website gone down at any point during the dates you have had a tracking drop/outage?
  • Has anyone from the brand changed any campaign settings in the Partnerize platform? (i.e.  updated/changed append URL parameters / changing tracking method / updated any other settings within the Partnerize platform)
  • Confirm what is actually implemented, in case changes have been made without any knowledge
  • Have there been any changes to the business logic that conditionally triggers the tracking solution?

Step 2 - Provide information to Partnerize

If the brand is confident that nothing has changed or been updated that could have affected tracking, the next step would be to contact the Partnerize team with information in regards to the issue.

To help get you the best support around a tracking outage query please supply as much detail as possible.

Information to help Support Team to Troubleshoot Issues

  • What is the campaign ID for the campaign(s) that are impacted?
  • The date of when the issue started
  • Do you have specific order(s) that have not tracked?  If so, please provide any order ID(s)
  • Where do you see the decrease? Provide screenshot of area of platform
  • If the issue is just for a particular partner(s), please provide Partnerize with specific examples
  • What should the campaign settings be? Is the tracking solution firing with conditional or unconditional logic?

Common root causes

  • There has been a website change (i.e. tracking removed) 
  • Changes have been made update to tracking syntax, which has impacted the tracking of sales (i.e. duplicate or incomplete conversion references) 
  • Changes have been made to how the tracking solution is triggered (i.e. changed conditional logic / changed click append / prepend)
  • Partner link is either:
    • Malformed 
    • Linking to a page that doesn’t track 
  • No actual tracking issue and partner / brand is low performing due to seasonal trends
  • Tracking solution is being triggered, but cookie not present (if pixel based)

Step 3 - Investigation

Once all of the above information has been gathered, both the brand and Partnerize will collaborate to investigate and resolve the tracking issue.

Step 4 - Monitor

Once the tracking issue has been resolved, both the brand and Partnerize will monitor live activity to make sure sales are tracking.



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