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Tracking FAQ's : Shopify Integration


This article will review:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) for Partnerize Shopify integrations




This guide will cover the most common FAQ's for Partnerize Shopify integrations.



Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the implementation of the Partnerize Shopify integrations.


Q1 - Why am I receiving an error when saving the details in the Shopify plugin?

A - Are you using the right keys?

Here is the mapping of the keys from the Partnerize console to the Shopify plugin

  • API Key (Settings > Account Settings > User Application Key) (first key)
  • User Key (Settings > Account Settings > User API Key) (second key)

A - Are you using the right Brand id and Campaign id?

Please find the information here

  • Brand ID (Settings > Brand Settings > Advertiser ID)
  • Campaign ID - (Campaign dropdown > Settings > Campaign ID)

A - If you are doing an optimisation, have you asked the Partnerize to enable the features for you?

The tag will only be generated if the tag feature is enabled by Partnerize for your network.

A - Does the user making the changes have Advertiser level admin access?

The user whose API keys are used should have admin access on the Brand.


Q2 - Why are some values missing or mapped incorrectly?

A - We have automatically mapped the values for you from Shopify to Partnerize. However, if your implementation of Shopify is not standard, you may need to change the mapping in the conversion pixel placed at the checkout > Additional Script. Below are the mappings

  • conversionref: order_number
  • voucher: discount.code
  • currency: currency
  • country: shipping_address.country_code
  • category: product.type
  • shopify_variant_id: variant_id
  • sku: sku


Q3 - Why is my order value not matching the value in Partnerize?

A - We take the net value of the order excluding any taxes, discounts and shipping costs.  The discount is subtracted proportionately from the item values in case there are multiple items in the cart. Below is an example 

If the cart looks like below

Item1 value : 40

Item2 value : 60

Taxes : 18

Shipping : 15

Voucher discount : 10

Below is how the partnerize will calculate the values

Total item value in the cart : 40 + 60 = 100

Total item value minus discount = 100 - 10 = 90

Item1 value = 40 - discount(proportionately) = 40 - 10*(40/100) = 36

Item2 value = 60 - discount(proportionately) = 60 - 10*(60/100) = 54

So, the total value of the conversion will be 90 in Partnerize.




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