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Partnerize Mobile Application - Partner


This article will review: 

  • The Partnerize mobile application navigation
  • Dashboard and reporting metrics
  • Viewing programs and tracking links
  • Configuring and sharing tracking links
  • Switching accounts and settings




The Partnerize mobile application(app) is a simplified, on the go version of the Partnerize platform, available for existing users. The mobile app works on both iOS and Android devices.  Some key features are:

  • Overview reporting
  • Account switcher
  • Program list
  • Tracking links

As the mobile app offers a more streamlined experience than  the web based Partnerize platform, not all functionality of the platform is currently accessible in the app, however we will continue to add functionality to the mobile app in future releases

Where can I get the Partnerize Mobile Application?

Download the Partnerize mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Search for Partnerize and click install.


Partnerize Mobile App Functionality

Log in and Navigation

As the Partnerize mobile app is only for use by existing users, you can log in using the same username and password you use for the Partnerize platform on the web.



Once you are logged into your account, you can make your way around the app using the navigation bar. The mobile app consists of the following sections:

  • Dashboard
    • Program overview
    • Filtering
  • Analytics
    • Program overview reporting
    • Reporting chart
    • Program report
    • Filtering
  • Tracking
    • View joined programs
    • Access the default tracking link for your joined programs
    • Configure custom tracking links
    • Copy a tracking link to distribute
    • Generate short URL
    • Share a tracking link
  • Account Selector and Settings
    • Switch between accounts
    • Access Help and log out


The Dashboard contains different widgets which provides an overview of program activity. The Dashboard is your default view upon log in, and is accessible using the navigation bar. The active account is displayed at the top of the Dashboard. Review switching accounts and settings to switch accounts.




The following widgets are on the Dashboard:

Overview Reporting

  • Order value
  • Partner Commission
  • Conversion rate
  • Conversions
  • Clicks
  • Average order value(AOV)

Click any of the metrics to see specific performance data for the selected period.



Joined Programs

Click and Conversion active program metrics compared to your total programs.


Preset date filters are clickable along the top of the Dashboard to quickly switch between different dates. The presets are

  • 1 day
  • 7 day (the default)
  • 30 days - last 30 days
  • 1 month

A secondary date filter sits below the date presets and is highlighted to show you the date range the data represents. The secondary date row is scrollable and clickable to allow you to to switch between date ranges. For example, if you clicked the preset date filter of 1 month,the secondary date filter would default to the current month. The dashboard metrics would show you all activity month to date. You can switch to other months by clicking them from the secondary date filter.

Additional filters are accessed by clicking the filter button in the top right corner of the dashboard.



The following filters are available 

  • Custom date range
  • Tracked currency
  • View as currency
  • Conversion status
  • Conversion metric




Analytics provides overview and detailed program reporting as well as an interactive chart. Theprogram you have selected via the account selector will appear at the top of the Analytics page. You’ll find the following in Analytics.


Analytics contains program and partner performance in a summary and detailed view. The page is broken down into three main section:

  1. My performance. Find program performance metrics for your chosen program and the filters you have configured. Clicking any of the summary panels will open a modal with more exact value metrics.
  2. Interactive chart. Find an interactive bar chart visually representing the conversions by period. Use your finger to scroll through the chart to see period details.
  3. Program performance. Find partner performance metrics for your chosen program and the filters you have configured. Clicking a program will open a modal with exact value metrics.



The filters in Analytics are the same as the filters found on the Dashboard.


The Partnerize mobile app tracking functionality allows you to view and search for all of your approved programs, for the account you are actively using. Additionally, you can view the default tracking link, configure a link with a custom destination, pubref, or adref, preview the tracking link, and copy it for distribution. You can also generate a short URL or use the built in sharing functionality to share your links.

View Joined Campaigns

Click Tracking from the navigation bar to view a list of all your partners.



Use the search bar to isolate a specific program. Click a program to view the tracking link or configure a custom tracking link.

Configure, copy and share tracking links

When you select a program you’ll see the default tracking link. This default link will go to the landing page the brand has set for the program or your partner account. If you distribute your link and a purchase is made through it, you may receive commission. 


To improve the experience for you and who you will present your link to, you are able to do the following from a specific program’s tracking page.

  • copy the default tracking link
  • configure and customize the link
  • preview the default or customized tracking link
  • generate a short URL - a shortened version of the default or configured tracking link
  • share the short URL  link to other applications on your mobile device

Customize a tracking link by clicking Configure. You can add a publisher reference(pubref) or change the deeplink destination. You can also add an advertiser reference(adref) if you and a brand have agreed on the use of one. Configuring the link will update the tracking link. 

Preview the default or configured tracking link by clicking Preview. Click the copy button next to the link to copy it to the clipboard for distribution.

Generate a Short URL to get a shorter version of the link you have configured. This is useful when sharing your link socially or when you don’t want to send out a very long link. If you change the configuration, you will need to regenerate a short link for the newconfigurations to apply. Due to this it is advised to only generate a shortlink once your configurations are complete.

Share short URL to use built in sharing functionality to share the shortened URL with other mobile applications and audiences.


Switching Accounts and Settings

Switching accounts and settings are accessed by selecting the circle on the right of the navigation bar that has the first letter of your program.  When you click the circle, the account selector will slide up from the bottom of the screen. You’ll see all programs and accounts tied to your login credentials. Note that it is typical to only have one account to choose from.

The account that is active is listed at the top of the window and is represented with a blue check mark in the list. Use the search to reduce the number of accounts and programs that appear. Click a program or account in the list to switch the active account in the Partnerize mobile app. 



The active account will always be listed at the top of the Dashboard and the account selector. 


Settings are accessed by clicking the cog found in the top right of the account selector. It is next to the name of the active account. From the settings menu you can:

  • Access Help documents
  • Log out of the mobile app 




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