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Onboarding : FAQ's


This article will review:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) for onboarding




This guide will cover the most common FAQ's when onboarding with Partnerize



Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the implementation of the clickref pixel

Q1 - Can I track activity separately per regional site?

A - Yes. You have the ability to track individual regions per campaign.

Please refer to our guide here for more information on the advantages and considerations between a single campaigns vs multiple campaigns - Onboarding: Single vs Multiple Campaigns

Q2 - What tracking solution should I use for implementing the Partnerize tracking?

A - Please refer to the following guide which covers the tracking solutions we offer and work with - Partnerize Tracking Solutions

Q3 - Are we able to test the tracking solution on a test environment prior to a campaign going live?

A- Yes. Testing the tracking solution on your test environment is absolutely fine. We will provide guidance within the testing instructions on how the test link can be deeplinked to your test environment.

However, we do urge brands to test the tracking solution on the live environment prior to a campaign going live from a technical perspective.

Q4 - Can we tracking mobile activity on our new/existing campaigns?

A- Yes. We work a number of MMP's (Mobile Measurement Partners) and also provide our very own SDK mobile tracking. 

Further information can be found here - Mobile App Tracking Solutions

Q5 - What dynamic parameters can Partnerize append?

A- Partnerize can dynamically pass through the following parameters:

Dynamic parameter Description
__CAMREF__ Campaign Reference
__PUBREF__ Publisher Reference
__ADREF__ Advertiser Reference
__CLICKREF__ Click Reference
__PUBNAME__ Publisher Name
__CID__  Creative ID
__REFERRER__  Referring URL
__PUBMETHOD__  Publisher Promotional Method
__CAMPAIGNID__ Campaign ID
__PUBID__ Publisher ID
__COUNTRY__ Country of the Click
__OPERATING_COUNTRY__ Country the Publisher Operates In
__WEBSITE_TYPE__ The Publisher Website Type






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