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Onboarding : Solution Scoping


This article will review:

  • The stages in the onboarding process for Partnerize  
  • The roles and responsibilities for each onboarding stage
  • The standard onboarding & integration solution scoping questions
  • Access to additional onboarding documentation




When brands create new campaigns on Partnerize, there are various stages to the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition.  Agencies and brands and partners can manage the majority of the onboarding process, if required.  Alternatively, they can follow the 'standard' integration process, where the Partnerize Integrations team are more heavily involved.

However, should an agency, brand or partner want to be more self service, they can opt for a custom network onboarding process, where predefined requirements and options are agreed up front, and are then applied to all future campaigns that are required.  This provides the agency, brand or partner with greater control over their integration process and will result in the campaign implementation time being significantly reduced, due to the streamlined process.


Integration Scoping Solutions - Requirements

Tracking Events

Purpose: To understand a typical customer journey from partner site to brand site, and what events should be tracked with Partnerize

Question Explained

Will the brand track one transactional event (conversion) from the customer journey only?

User visits brand website and makes a purchase - Transaction tracks in real time
Brand must then validate the transaction (item level validation recommended), approving/rejecting the individual items within Partnerize

Does the brand want to track multiple (conversions) events from the customer journey?

Is there multiple different events the brand requires to track in Partnerize

Please provide all transactional events that the brand wants to track (excluding clicks)

Examples could be an Insurance brand tracking Quote and Sale (confirmation of policy), therefore, the tracked events would be QUOTE and SALE


Campaign Structure
Purpose: To understand the brand's desired program (campaign) structure

Question Explained

Will the brand track one brand only via Partnerize?

User visits brand website and makes a purchase - Transaction tracks in real time
Brand must then validate the transaction (item level validation recommended), approving/rejecting the individual items within Partnerize

Does the brand want, or need, to manage their programs regionally split by market? 

Reasons could be for separate internal teams, geographical reporting groups, etc..

Are there any restrictions on which partners can promote which brands / markets / products?

This will determine if campaigns need to be split up to manage these different groups of partners

Brand to provide the following campaign information for all required campaigns:

- Campaign title
- Default destination URL
- Default tracking currency

For example:

Brand X UK campaign - - GBP
Brand X US campaign - - EUR
Brand X DE campaign - - EUR

Brand to provide additional information relating to the campaign structure requirements (if required)

Additional requirements 


Tracking Solutions
To establish what tracking solutions the brand will use to send transactional data to Partnerize

Question Explained

Are there any requirements to track offline sale / transaction activity?

Confirm if offline sales are required

From which platforms does the brand want the track real time (online) transactional data from via Partnerize?

Brand to confirm the following:

- Web Only

- Web & Mobile App

- Mobile App Only


Web Tracking Solution

Question Explained

Does brand use an Ecommerce platform for their website?

Confirm if ecommerce is used. Eg Shopify, Megento etc

Can the Brand implement Server to Server tracking?

- Uses 1st party cookies
- Requires brand to retrieve the Partnerize click ID (‘clickref’) from the landing page URL and create a 1st party cookie
- Brand must then implement a server-side solution to send Partnerize a server-to-server call whenever a transaction occurs
- The most recent clickref stored in the 1st party cookie should be retrieved and included in the server call, alongside all other transactional data

Does the brand use a 3rd party container tag solution?

Confirm if 3rd party system is used. Eg, GTM, Doubleclick etc

Does the recommended web tracking solution meet the brand requirements?

Additional requirements


Mobile App Tracking Solution

Question Explained

How will brand track their Mobile App activity with Partnerize?

Will this be through one of the following?
- Appsflyer
- Branch
- No current MMK provided - Use Partnerize SDK
- Other provider


Tracked Parameters

Question Explained

Brand to advise which type of tracking parameters are used

  • Standard / Core Parameters
    - campaign:{CAMPAIGNID}
    - conversionref:{ORDER_ID}
    - currency:{CURRENCY}
    - custref:{CUSTREF}
    - customertype:{CUSTOMERTYPE}
    - country:{COUNTRY}
    - voucher:{VOUCHER}
    - category:{PRODUCT_CATEGORY}
    - sku:{SKU}
    - value:{VALUE}
    - quantity:{QUANTITY}
  • Custom Parameters
  • Vertical Parameters


To understand how the brand will validate transactions

Question Explained

How will the brand validate (approve / reject) transactions?

Manually via PZ Platform

API (brand developed)

Force Approvals




Onboarding Steps

The stages of the standard onboarding process are covered below, including:

  • Stage
  • Description of the stage
  • Stage Owner
Stage Description Stage Owner

New campaign request

The agency, brand or partner will need to contact their Partnerize Customer Success Manager to advise that a new campaign is required

Agency, Brand, or Partner

Submission to Integration Team

Customer Success Manager will notify the Integration team of the new campaign request

Partnerize - Customer Success

Campaign Creation

Create campaign(s) on Partnerize platform

Partnerize - Integration team

Tracking Solution Instructions

Standardised tracking implementation instructions will be used for all campaigns - referenced below

Partnerize - Integration team
Tracking Solution Implementation Implement Tracking Solution

Agency, Brand, or Partner

Platform readiness

  • Upload campaign collateral
  • Set up commissions
  • Partner migration planning (if applicable)
Agency, Brand, or Partner

Tracking Solution Testing

Testing of implemented tracking solution and verifying results

Agency, Brand, or Partner

Final Review

Internal sign off:

  • Legal - contract received
  • Finance - fees set up
  • Integration - tracking / campaign settings checks
Partnerize - Integration team


Set campaign(s) live

Partnerize - Integration team


Default Campaign Build Requirements

For all campaigns on the network, standardised requirements and campaign settings will be used​. There will still be options for technical variations per campaign (Destination URL, Campaign Name etc), and this can be included in the new campaign request.

Below are the standard settings that will be set for all networks that utilise this integration process: 

Campaign requirement Default Campaign setting Notes

Cookie Period

30 days N/A
Force Approval Period Never N/A

Default Currency

GBP A different standard default currency can be agreed, should the agency / brand / partner have different requirements
Conversions per Click Unlimited N/A
Duplicate Conversion References

Completely Ignore Duplicates


Deeplinking Enabled Yes N/A

Reporting Timezone

[GMT+00:00] Greenwich Mean Time (Europe/London) This can be updated once a campaign is live to a more suitable timezone, if required
Default Publisher Commission Rate (%) 0% This can be updated once a campaign is live, as default commissions will differ per brand

What to Invoice

Publisher Commission & Network Override N/A
Who performs the payments Payments are performed by Partnerize N/A


Tracking Solution to Implement

For agencies, brands or partners who choose to integrate via Partnerize, we recommend that the following approach is taken to web tracking:


Next Steps

Contact your Partnerize Sales representative or Customer Success Manager to begin the onboarding process.

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